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If you are having problems with your diesel car and the engine seems sluggish or running oddly, then the solution could be DPF cleaning. Motorsense Ltd is your local West Sussex specialist in this form of engine cleaning and can offer the service from our garage to diesel car owning customers.

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Our Services

  • DPF cleaning service
  • Ideal for all kinds of diesel engines
  • Lower cost solution for blocked particulate filter
  • Cleaning and flushing process
  • No removal of the filter needed

What is DPF cleaning?

The Liqui-Moly DPF cleaning system offers a lower cost solution to the problem of a blocked or impaired diesel particulate filter. It is a two-part cleaning and flushing system that is designed to break down any blockage in the filter. This means the vehicle can complete a successful regeneration and the problem is eased.

It is a cost-effective option because there’s no need to remove the particulate filter. We use special tools to access the filter via a pressure or temperature sensor that is located in the exhaust systems. We have a number of different probes that can be used to allow the cleaning fluid to be sprayed straight into the surface of the filter for a more effective clean.

How it works

The cleaning process starts with the use of a special cleaning product that is designed to dissolve soot encrusted on the filter. Once this is finished, a flushing solution is used that ensures the dissolved soot can exit through the exhaust gas flow and that the engine can regenerate. The process takes up to an hour and a half, depending on the vehicle and how it regenerates- if a diagnostic controlled style is required or now.

We can offer this service from our garage and you can book in today for us to check your car and see if it would benefit from DPF cleaning.

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