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Sometimes, it can be very obvious what is wrong with your car but other times, strange lights on the dash, odd noises or a feeling that things aren’t right can be a bit baffling.  When the cause of a problem isn’t clear or needs more investigation, Motorsense Ltd can offer car diagnostics to customers across West Sussex to get to the bottom of the problem.

Car Diagnostics Worthing

Our Services

  • Car diagnostics services
  • Understand problems with on-board computer
  • Find out what is causing issues
  • Accurate fixing of problems
  • Reduce the chance of further damage

What are car diagnostics?

Car diagnostics involves connecting systems to the on-board computer that most modern cars have in order to see what’s wrong.  These systems produce error codes that tell mechanics what the nature of the problem is and helps them decide on what is needed to solve it.  The process cuts out all of the guesswork in finding a fault or reason for a breakdown and can be used on all kinds of systems including the engine, exhaust and even why windscreen wipers aren’t working.

The aim of the test is to find out what problems the car is suffering with so that repairs can then be carried out.  This saves a lot of time as mechanics don’t need to hunt around the car, testing individual systems to find an issue – the on-board computer can simply tell them where it is.

Top quality repairs

Once the diagnostic tool and the on-board computer have had their chat, our team can then set about solving the problem.  We offer top quality repairs for all types of breakdowns and faults and use original spare or matching quality parts – so you don’t need to worry about invalidating a warranty.  We even offer servicing so if you want to keep on top of those little problems, this can handle it for you.

Car servicing in Worthing

"Would recommend to anyone! Felt like I was treated like a person, they diagnosed the problem, fixed and charged me a cheaper price than I expected. Excellent service, it was so nice to be treated like a human and welcomed in."

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